Facials, Nails and Waxing to make you look and feel fabulous.

With over 20 years of experience, the latest technologies and a calm restful environment. You know you will receive the best treatment.

Owned and run by Bev, the fully-equipped treatment room is ready to relax you with a great massage, lift your day with a sensational facial or make your hands and nails the centre of attention.

Fantastic nails on your fingers and toes


Clients often feel the need to apologise for the state of their finger nails and feet  but I have always seen something worse, so no need to feel panicked!  A manicure and pedicure should be a  relaxing experience; my pedicures will last and last and give you great pleasure every morning when you peek at them. 

Manicure £28
File and polish £16

Nails are filed to your preference, cuticles are removed from the nail plate, hands are massaged then polish is applied.

Pedicure    £30

Feet are soaked in a soothing footspa, hard skin is removed and feet are exfoliated. Nails are clipped and filed, cuticles are removed from the nail plate followed by a foot and lower leg massage then polish is applied.

Pre Manicure and Pedicure

  • Do not remove old polish
  • Do not cut your nails
  • Please remember to bring open toe shoes/ flip flops when you have your pedicure



Silky smooth luxury for your skin


I have had over 20 years experience of waxing and can ensure that my waxing methods are both meticulous and thorough. Care and consideration is given to client modesty at all times. You should expect the treatment to last an average of 4 weeks.

  • For larger areas the Roller method is applied and hair is removed using fabric strips.
  • For smaller more delicate and sensitive areas such as facial hair the Hot Wax method is used.

Both methods  of waxing are soothed with oils and inspected for stray hairs and an extra soothing gel is applied if necessary.

Pre Wax Advice

  • Hair length for removal should be at least 3mm
  • Please do not sit in the sun/ have a sunbed/ hotshower as this will result in skin damage when the wax is applied
  • Exfoliate in the shower the morning of your wax but do not moisturise

Post Wax Advice

  • No creams, lotions or potions should be applied on the day
  • No sunbeds, sunbathing or swimming
  • Keep the waxed areas well moisturised and exfoliated using a scrub between treatments, to keep your skin looking good and enable efficient removal of hair on your next visit.

Waxing Price List  

Using both hot wax and roller method for a smooth finish.

With the New Aloe vera and Peppermint Gel Wax.

Full Leg WAX   £30
Half Leg WAX   £20
Full Arm WAX£16
Bikini WAX from  £15
Lip and chin WAX  £10
Underarm WAX  £10



Ease tension, relax and rejuvinate



A wonderful experience that eases tension and soreness and induces well being. I use aromatherapy oils in an Almond oil base but can use talc for a dry massage if preferred. Most of my clients opt for a deep tissue massage to relieve aching backs but I am equally able to perform a nice gentle soothing massage, if that is your preference.

Sports Massage  £40

I have the highest possible qualification in Sports Massage and am experienced in massaging athletes and sports participants.  Current clients include European and National Champions.

Intense training to improve physical condition and performance can take its toll on your muscles, making them susceptible to injury and diminishing their range of movement.

A regular sports massage can benefit in the following ways:

  • Extend the overall life of your sporting career
  • Increase your post workout recovery and boost your performance
  • Relieve tired aching muscles by removal of metabolic waste via improved circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Loosen tight muscles by increasing muscle length and flexibility
  • Breakdown of scar tissue
  • Cures and restores mobility to injured muscles

Swedish Remedial Massage    £50  (1 hour)


Rejuvinate and cleanse your skin


All facials begin with a skin analysis, rose petal cleanse then exfoliation with a skin buff and a gentle facial steam.  Depending on the requirement of your skin either a manual massage or an electrical  treatment will be performed.  All facial treatments are concluded with a mask which is selected for your skin type and the application of a moisturiser. 

BJK Anti Ageing Facial    £48

Using the advanced Microlift system that reboots the skins cellular performance. Enhancing the skins ability to repair and renew ,this is a facial that delivers immediate visable rsults with rejuvenating and anti-ageing benefits.For best results it is recommended to book a course of 10 treatments.

BJK Deep Cleanse   £48

Using Galvanic technology that re energises tired and dull skin, This facial will restore moisture and skin vitality leaving the complexion clear,even and radiant.

BJK Intense Moisture   £48

Using Iontophoresis technology for dry skin in need of nourishment, this treatment regenerates,energises and noticeably improves elasticity, tone and texture of your skin. 

BJK Classic Facial    £40

Skin is analysed and cleansed with a rose petal cleanser, then exfoliated with a skin buff.  This is followed by a gentle facial steam and a relaxing face and décolleté massage.  A mask is then selected for your skins needs and the treatment is finished with the application of a moisturiser.



Transform your eyes


Lash and brow treatments can transform the eyes making your face look more youthful.

Lash Tinting £10    

Tinted eyelashes look longer and darker without the use of mascara. This treatment is especially beneficial to natural blondes. Tinting takes approximately 15 minutes and a pre-tint test patch is required 24 hours prior to your treatment to ensure there is no allergic reaction.

Brow Tinting £10 / Brow shaping £15

Perfect eyebrows frame the face. Brow shaping is generally performed using wax but the tweezer method can be used if preferred.